PNRGOV!? (Part 2)

Our article last week introduced the PNRGOV and our partnership with Streamlane, our exclusive partner, to redistribute the passenger data to 27 national EU PIUs through their GOVlink service. You can find this article here. Today, let us look at our PNRGOV solution and how you can start your PNRGOV adoption now.

At FL3XX, our mission is to digitize, automate and optimize aviation. We strive to solve the biggest problem in business aviation: Saving time in your daily workflows. 

In terms of PNRGOV, we have envisioned that the FL3XX system will support it seamlessly and fully automatically. As you work in your FL3XX Dispatch module, following your usual workflow backed by our checklists, FL3XX will be syncing the PNRGOV data through Streamlane’s GOVlink service in the background. You will only check the PNRGOV status in the Migration panel by setting its checklist to OK.

In spring 2021, when we began designing and preparing the PNRGOV project, a few customers asked us for urgent help submitting passenger data to Poland, which started strictly imposing the EU PNR Directive. Not to leave our customers helpless, we quickly built a simple CSV file export, which can be swiftly uploaded into the GOVlink web portal. GOVlink instantly creates this flight and submits the passenger data to affected PIUs.. Mission complete in a few mouse clicks. No copy and paste, no manual entering of passenger data into multiple systems.

Next, we set out to build the foundation for our ultimate solution: a dedicated data broadcasting service between FL3XX and Streamlane’s GOVlink. Let us not forget that:

  • Confidential personal data (think of your VIP, HNWI customers) will be transmitted over the Internet
  • It must be compliant with EU GDPR
  • Governments expect maximum reliability and timeliness to receive the data before and after each flight multiple times through an automatic system

To handle this properly, we needed the right infrastructure from the get-go, to assure the highest possible level of data transmission security for this service*. We have been intensively testing this messaging system for several weeks, releasing it to live operations in December.

Another key element of the PNRGOV project is the data messages themselves — a set of GOVlink messages defined by Streamlane in JSON format (JavaScript). No more obsolete formats, typical in the aviation industry, such as Type-B or EDIFACT. FL3XX can now generate the essential messages needed to communicate with GOVlink. In particular, to create, update, and cancel flights with passenger data. A few more messages required for full automation, e. g., flight diversions, actual departure and arrival times, will be added in upcoming weeks.

To offer a more seamless service promptly, without having to complete the entire automation first, we decided to launch a manual version. You can simply press a button in FL3XX Dispatch and check the Migration panel status in the flight checklist. Done. We are going to introduce this version to our first customers later in December.

Would you like to go for PNRGOV with FL3XX now?

First and foremost, you have to comply with the flight number format. Governments solely accept the commercial aviation standard. Thus, your flight numbers must strictly be your ICAO 3-letter designator, or your IATA 2-letter designator, followed by three or four digits. If you are unsure about the number format used for your flights, you can check with your ops department.

Second, an additional agreement between you and Streamlane is required to add and utilize the GOVlink services along with your FL3XX. You can contact Streamlane directly at [email protected] or email our customer success team at [email protected].

* For those interested in technical details, we installed and set up a dedicated, secured Apache server with Apache ActiveMQ Artemis, a multi-protocol, embeddable, high performance, clustered, asynchronous messaging system, and a dedicated VPN (Virtual Private Network) to GOVlink, secured with X509 SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates.

Does this Sound like You ?

Thanl you!