PNRGOV!? (Part 2) Our article last week introduced the PNRGOV and our partnership with Streamlane, our exclusive partner


PNRGOV!? Has your Government recently surprised you by asking about it? Did you or do you think that PNRGOV is actually some APIS, and thus, you are covered because you have it? We have registered an increasing interest in PNRGOV among our customers and partners in the past weeks. Therefore, we decided to publish a […]

FL3XX integrates BoldIQ

Bellevue, WA – Vienna, Austria – July 27, 2021 FL3XX and BoldIQ are combining forces to deliver a uniquely responsive private aviation service. Looking to drive further growth, FL3XX will integrate BoldIQ’s best-in-class optimization technology, Solver, to enhance and augment its planning and scheduling process. Solver, powered by AI and programmed by expert Operations Research […]

The Auto-Pilot for Charter Sales

Pricing a good or service used to be simple. If you were into manufacturing, say chairs, you would add up all the costs you occurred producing it. Wood, glue, cushion, … You would attribute a cost to the time spent producing it. Add a margin on that production cost to pay for the rent of […]